Hello my good Audience.

Today I’m going to post my first blog of this epic journey I’m about to undertake with the Partnership to Success program created by my now, mentor John Thornhill.

You see over the years I have purchased many a programs and when I first saw John start up his webinar I thought to myself “oh look another shiny object” part of the “shiny object to the next shiny object” syndrome that I have been suffering from for years. Argh! I don’t know if you have suffered from this syndrome, maybe you are just at the start of “your work from home” journey, and you have yet to experience this for yourself but for me I was at the end of my tether and I was only here because a friend had mention John and had convinced me to check out his webinar.

I was just about ready to x out of the webinar but then something about John made me stick around and watch the webinar to the end. I have seen thousands of webinars, bought plenty of online courses and spent thousand of dollars in the process but there was something about what John was saying really resonated with me.

At the end he convinced me, a hardened disbeliever in the whole process and so I signed up.

Sign up I did and not only that I also signed up to become an Ambassador to Partner To Success. And I think this is really, without a doubt the best move I have made to date.

But let’s back up for a minute. I said I have spent thousands of dollars looking for the holy grail of Internet Marketing. Now should I be bitter? Some would be but for me I will just believe that it was a process I had to through to find John my “Holy Grail”.

This voyage, if I commit to doing each new set of lessons I receive each day, should take me 60 days to accomplish. So far I am on schedule. Apparently the record is 56 days. I would like to smash that record but “let’s not sell the skin of the bear before we kill it!” as the saying goes.

So it only seems appropriate to start my blog with this journey to succeed online, a journey  I will be undertaking with John and his small team. And it would be my pleasure if you would come along for the ride and see, hold me accountable, route for me and hopefully see me become the new record holder.

Ok enough said for now. Tomorrow I will post my day 1 activities.

Let the trip begin!

Bye for now.





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