How important is an optin form anyhow?

Very! Obviously….duh!

Ok so we all need an optin form, now for those of you who do not know what an optin form, and it is self explanatory really, let me explain.

It’s that form on someone’s website or blog where you supply your a name and email address, also sometimes referred to as a captor page.

But basically once you have filled in this form you have “opted in” to receive updates, news, product information/promotions, whatever.
Sometimes you might just want to find more about a subject or resolve an issue(s) for a certain thing but you do not want to be bombarded
with a whole bunch of other info/promotion type of emails right?

Don’t worry I have you covered with a simple solution . At the bottom of each email you receive, there should be an easy to see “unsubscribe” link.
Now I did say there should but sometimes it s not obvious, maybe the button is written in tiny tiny font and hard to see.
Sometime the button is camouflaged buy using similar colors as the back round color of the email and sometimes it’s simply not there.
In which case you would simply just regulate that particular email to the spam folder.

Here is a link at Campaign Monitor if you want to find out more about the legalities of the un-subscribe link.

Okay, moving on to what turns you optin page from a simple optin form to a killer lead getting optin form? Well of course its the title! You really want to build your mailing list but what  or where can you find a a good title. I think once you find a good title the sub title will just come to you.

I personally couldn’t have really come up with a good one. I mean yeah, I could put in a generic title but to come up with a really good idea that would get leads in to your auto responder, I had to go here to Optin Monster, here you’ll find a great list of super ideas to get you started and loads more.

But before you get to this stage you’ll need at least:

Included in the first two options are free SSL Certificates, Daily Malware Scans and Website Transfers. Awesome right?

For your autoresponder go to Awber. as far as I’m concerned they would have to be the best autoresponder in their industry by far!
You can try them out for free for thirty days after which the billing is minimal.

To get an easy to implement optin form I use Optimize Press. They pretty much cover anything you need for a WordPress site and are also very affordable.

But if you are really serious about getting a fast start with your own monetized, money making blog or website you must see John Thornhill’s (my mentor) free webinar now!

Yours Truly,

Nick Sherwood


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