Born in Boston USA in 1964 but of New Zealand descent I grew up in Geneva Switzerland. I am the son of an ex-physicist. My eldest brother also became a physicist. My other two siblings are very successful in their field. However I, yours truly, failed miserably at school. At the age of 16 I joined the workforce.

My very first serious job was working on a prawn trawler(s), Far North Queensland, Australia, in the Gulf of Carpentaria. This job taught me a lot about life so it was a great learning curve. One could even call this an education of sorts. Later on I even certified as a commercial skipper!

So throughout my life, although I did various jobs, such as water taxi driver on Sydney Harbour, truck driving, drillers offsider, diver, sales, and other various types of work, too many to list here. But basically I was married to the sea. Without fail I eventually always ended up out at sea again and again.

However this was not gonna make me rich or even moderately well off for that matter, not that I thought about being rich in those days. In actual fact I was living the day-to-day, paycheck-to-paycheck sort of life. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun living in this fashion.

Not once did I think of the future or about saving and retirement. This state of mind was not conducive to an easy retirement. And of course this carefree life eventually ended when I got married and I had my two amazing daughters.

This new situation certainly put an end to my life as I knew it . This is when I started to think about my future. I realized that I could not go to sea any more and that I really needed to put my thinking hat on. So I started a brick and mortar business. Bad decision, at least for me it was. I did it for 10 years and lost a lot of money.

Throughout these 10 years I became heavily in debt. It was during this period that I turned to the Internet and tried to figure out a way to become an Internet Marketer. I tried every model under the sun, shifting from one shiny object to the next. Never, nay was I successful and lost even more money and got further into debt. I had reached the end of my tether!

And then I was introduced to John Thornhill, Master Internet Marketer. And I thought what the heck I will give it one last shot.

John has been an absolute amazing mentor and through his guidance I have managed to become a successful Internet marketer.

Thank you John. You’re a lifesaver!

I believe that one must help others, no matter what the situation may be. And therefore I decided to start this blog. I truly hope this helps you in your online endeavors. If you have any questions, no matter whether it’s an online question or something else, offline whatever, feel free to reach out and ask me and I will do my utmost to help you out.

Remember, there are no stupid questions. And even if there was, you are better off looking stupid for five minutes then for the rest of your life.

Please do not be a stranger.

Nick Sherwood